Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to register my child?

To register your child with us, we will need a copy of:

ü  Valid driver’s license of parent(s)

ü  Original birth certificate of child(ren)

ü  Current immunization record for child(ren)

ü  VTCDC registration forms completed

ü  Registration fee

ü  1st week’s tuition

Behavior Procedure

Part of learning for every child includes what is acceptable and appropriate behavior.

We take a positive approach by using the following methods:

*Ignoring the non acceptable behavior when possible.  Giving praise to the acceptable behavioral choices.

*Redirect the child's unacceptable behavior to a more productive activity such as art work or play time.

*Talking with the child and explaining to him/her the problem or the inappropriate actions.

*If the child continues to act in an unsafe manner(for himself, others, or property) we will take away privileges for a short period of time.

*If the child is playing unsafely or hurting another child, he/she will be sent to another area for a short period time until he/she feels ready to safely go back and be part of their class.

*For the safety of everyone, aggressive behavior is not tolerated.

What form of payment do you except?

We accept all forms of payment—Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check, Money Order.

Are all of your teachers fisrt aid and/or CPR Certified?

All of our teachers and office staff are first aid and CPR Certified.

Inclement Weather. Do you follow Chesterfield County for inclement weather delayed opening or closing?

We DO NOT follow Chesterfield County’s schedule for delayed opening or closings due to inclement weather.

We will post all inclement weather updates to Channel 12, NBC Richmond.

Will my child be taught Church of God Doctrine?

We do not teach Church of God Doctrine; while attending VTCDC your child will be taught biblical principles based on God’s holy word, the Bible.