I just wanted to express my gratitude for all that you have done for my Tre (Clyde). I moved to this area of Midlothian to be near Victory Tabernacle. After visiting your open house it fondly reminded me of a school I attended when I was younger. 


Tre thrived at Victory. I know he is a smart child but under your leadership, he learned to be a student. You encouraged his thirst for learning and his independence. He was very sad to leave but I am very happy that he had the opportunity to meet you. 


He started Clover Hill Elementary in September. After about two weeks, his father and I met with his teacher. They were impressed with what he knew, what he could do and how advanced he was for his age. They agreed that he belonged in first grade. After a brief trial period, he was officially moved to first grade. He is now the youngest child in his class, and his teacher reports that he is doing exceptionally well. 


While we have always worked with Tre at home, I could not ignore the role you played in his development. Thank you again for all that you have done. If I have failed to mention it in the past, please know that you are appreciated. 



Sanisha Bailey

Paige started at Victory Tabernacle when she was 3 months old. We originally had her at an in home daycare. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I toured Victory and met some of the staff. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. She started in the Stage I classroom and the teachers were great at documenting some of her firsts even though we were not there to witness them. All of her teachers have taught her so much and she has such a strong foundation now as she gets ready to start "big school" this Fall. I also love to hear her come home and sing, do her pledges, and say her Bible verses. It's a great feeling to walk through the halls of Victory and have everyone call out her name and ask how she is doing. I'm forever thankful for the strong support that she has received these first 5 years of her life. I hope it will be something she will remember and carry with her forever.

Tara Neely


My son has been a part of the Victory Tabernacle Child Development Center since November, 2008. Over the years, I’ve been extremely pleased with the curriculum, the activities and the overall program, which promotes Christian values and principles.   The teachers and staff at VTCDC are remarkable and are quite passionate about their roles as mentors to our children. His teachers, past and especially his present (Ms. Velma), have done a tremendous job preparing him to move into his next season, kindergarten.

Jennifer Welch


VTCDC has been a wonderful experience for my family. They have cared for my son through the terrible two's, toilet training, and he just completed the Jr.K program, which is exceptional. Victory has not only prepared my son to begin school but also ensured that he has a strong Christian foundation. The staff has always been open, honest, and available to us.

We will definitely recommend Victory Tabernacle to our friends and family.

Stephanie Cox